Fed up with your lack of routine?

I get it Mama, you've tried routines before and it hasn't worked. You're worn out, there is so much to do and just not enough time to do it in.

If you’re like me... or like most Mamas, then you know how tough it is to create and stick to a routine. Seems like every time you try to implement your routine, you just end up back at square one.... with nothing working. It’s frustrating. It’s time-consuming, deflating and you are just fed up with it all. Until now…

Introducing the Routine Course for The Busy Mum

Your guide to quickly and easily implementing a PERSONALISED routine that you can actually stick to. Inside this jam-packed course you’ll discover:

  • The missing ingredient to a successful routine. Most mums don't do this, and it is what makes or breaks a routine

  • A surprising way to stick to your routine – you won’t believe how easy it is until you see it for yourself! You will learn the science behind habits

  • The biggest mistake you may be already making – and how to avoid it before you give up with routines.

The Routine Course

Your routine completed in just 3 days!

What's Inside?

Here are all the things you will learn.

  • 1

    The Planning Stage

    • Introduction

    • How it started

    • About the course

    • The journey

    • Do routines work?

    • 5 mistakes mums make when starting a routine

  • 2

    Creating Your Routine

    • The missing step

    • Needs and Wants

    • Your anchor points

    • Putting your routine together

  • 3

    What's Next

    • How to stay consistent

    • Top 3 questions mums ask about routines

    • Mums Can Academy & Renewed Mums Programme

What you will get...

When I purchase something, I want to know what I am going to achieve and get for my money. So here you have it, you will have:

  • Confidence in your daily routine

  • Everyone in your family knowing what is happening when and where, so there are less tantrums and resistance from your children

  • More time to do the things you love with the people you love

  • The time you've always dreamed on having to do something for YOURSELF

  • Feel happier and enjoy life as a mum again

  • A simple, effective routine that the whole family can follow and keep

What other Mama's are saying


April Mum of 3

I really enjoyed the coaching sessions. They have helped to utilise my time in the evenings more effectively, eat meals with my children more often and smooth the edges on the routine I had with them. Kashina was very professional, very thorough and very encouraging! I would really recommend the sessions to anyone struggling to motivate themselves or anyone needing a bit of encouragement and help to reach their goals

Kimberley, Mum of 2

After having a couple of sessions with Kashina, I appreciated how experienced, knowledgable and resourceful she was. Kashina has the technical know how to create routines that work!

The good news is that you too can get these kind of results for yourself. And if you act right now, you can get The Routine Course today!!!

You don't have to struggle alone anymore. I've got you Mama!
smiling lady, very happut with her hood up, wearing a grey jumper. She is very happy

Got more questions?

  • How long will it take to complete it all?

    I recommend a minimum of 3 days. This is because the missing ingredient to any routine takes a minimum of 3 days. But you can go back as many times as you like, and take as long as you need. There is no rush. I know what Mama life is like.

  • What if I need extra support

    You don't have to do this alone Mama. You are always welcome to send me a message at hello@preparingthehome.co.uk for further support.

  • How long do I have to complete this course?

    You have unlimited access to the course. Feel free to come back to it whenever you feel you need to refresh what you have learnt.

  • What if I want a refund?

    What refund? Haha, honestly, I know if you follow these steps and have a determined mindset, you will be able to achieve your routine. However, if you feel like it is not working for you, just send me an email at hello@preparingthehome.co.uk and I will give you a full refund.

Incase we haven't met...

My name is Kashina, I am a believer, wife and homeschooling entreprenuerial mum to 7 year old triplet girls and a 4 year old son. When our girls were young, routine was what kept me sane. After experiencing burnout and feeling like I had completely lost my identity. I knew things had to change. I knew God had more for me. I now share with Mamas around the world, how they can implement lasting routines and improve their physical, emotional and mental health so they can thrive at home and in the world and live the life God has purposed for them.

This course is NOT for...

  • Mamas who don't believe in routines

  • Mama's who are not ready to push past the uncomfortable

  • Mama's who already have a routine that they are happy with and works well

The course is for...

  • The Mama who has no routine and isn't sure where to start

  • The Mama who has a routine but wants to know how to improve it

  • The Mama who is determined to give it 100%, even when the going gets tough

  • The Mama who has young babies, young children or teenagers. Whatever age your children are, this will work for your family.

  • The Mama who is ready to believe that God can make change happen

Mama I know this is right for you

So many times we think we have to be supermum, figuring it all out alone. Not this time! This time I am here to help you every step of the way!